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Our practice strives to offer you the safest, most advanced technologies and materials available in dentistry to date. Some of these state-of-the-art technologies employed include:

Intra-oral Cameras

Allows the patient to see what our dentist can see; a great way of educating patients about any potential problems as well as helping our dentist's diagnosis by magnifying the image on to a large screen.

Vizilite Oral Cancer Early Detection System

Incidence rates of Oral Cancer are rising in alarming rates. It has been reported that up to 27% of new incidences of oral cancer occur in patients who have never had any of the "traditional" risk factors such as tobacco and alcohol use. Oral cancer has one of the poorest prognosis of all cancers, related almost exclusively to not being detected early on.

The Vizilite system is a painless early detection program offered our patients at the initial exam, and every year after. Similar to detection methods for cervical cancer cases, the Vizilite system utilizes technology whereby the patient rinses with a solution of acetic acid for a period of 45 seconds. A special light is then placed over the lips and tissues inside the oral cavity to detect at the earliest possible stage any cellular change that could turn into oral cancer; cellular change often times to faint to see with the naked eye.

If anything suspicious is found, a follow-up treatment of another solution is used to "stain" the suspected area to determine if a biopsy is needed.

Single Tooth Anesthesia (STA) System

Utilizes a computer-regulated flow of anesthetic directly into the periodontal ligament of the tooth to be treated. This technology allows for the instant, painless delivery of local anesthetic WITHOUT the after-effects that most patients dread such as numb lips and tongue.

X-POD Digital Radiography

Utilized in Europe since 2003, we are the only practice in the area to date to have this latest cutting-edge digital radiography system. The X-POD is a new, wireless, hand-held medical device that captures crystal-clear, diagnostic quality digital images.

This x-ray technique is safer for patients as it facilitates a reduction in radiation by 90% compared to conventional x-ray techniques. A sensor placed in your mouth conveys the x-ray images instantly via computer onto a high resolution flat screen monitor. The dentist is then able to instantly extrapolate the essential information.


Note: In every instance, our practice utilizes all accepted methods of sterilization of our instruments, equipment, and materials to eliminate the chances of cross-contamination. Your safety and health are paramount to us.


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